I’m matthew hyatt &

I’m a filmmaker.

Who really remembers what happened at their wedding? No one. The anxiety and anticipation are too much to pay attention and remember it all. You need video. Everyone can capture video in today’s age but not everyone can make a film. I’m not a wedding videographer. I’m a wedding cinematographer and filmmaker. 

Your wedding film will tell a story of the day and the ceremony as well as after-events. It will remind you of that day, that moment, but also fill you with laughter, happiness, tears of joy and other unexpected emotions as you watch your wedding day unfold. You’ll see things you didn’t know happened.  

All that really matters to you is that I capture your wedding day in a way that helps you always relive the charm and beauty you first experienced. It is a keepsake. It’s shareable. It’s especially yours. The magic that happens on that day can’t always be photographed. Make your wedding day super special. Let me create a cinematic masterpiece that is tailored to your perfect and special day. 


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We couldn’t be more honored to film your wedding. We require only 20% of your total and nothing else is due until two weeks before your wedding! Of course, you can make payments if you’d like. There is a two hour minimum booking time.
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$185 per hour

-We can be there for ceremony or the entire day of your wedding - it’s up to YOU and YOUR VISION.
-We can film Bride and Groom prepping, decoration and installation (if occurring), the ceremony and the reception
if held in same venue. (Bride and Groom must prep at same venue)
-We will stay up to 9 hrs total
-You will get up to five 1 minute video teasers to share on social media plus your digital film
-Your film will range from 7 minutes to an 20 minutes depending on how long we stay and what happens on your day!


30 minute block - $125

-A lovely 3 minute video
-Huge share potential for Facebook and Instagram

60 minute block - $200
-Two different 3 minute videos
-Includes your input in creation

Ceremony - $300
-Maybe you didn’t film your wedding. Now is the perfect time for a cinematic piece to enjoy for years.
-We will stay up to 2 hrs total

* There is a $35 per 30 mile travel fee if your venue is outside of Scott/Fayette Co., Kentucky
* Any service lasting 8 hours or more will be charged a premium service fee of $275

I have found the one whom my soul loves.
— Song of Solomon 3:4

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